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Risk/Reward = Fun Either Way

There are many ways to describe a golf course. Technical aspects, conditions, views and difficulty are all great conversation starters. More complex, is ‘fun,’ because that has much to do about score. Nobody triple bogeys 18 for their third triple in a row and says “boy that course is fun!” Soul golfers might say ‘tough,’ or ‘at least it is pretty.’ The course with a great ‘risk/reward’ hole almost always qualifies that course as fun! It is fun to go for it, it is fun to fail, and it is fun to succeed. On Myrtle Beach National’s, “Kings North” course, the par 5, sixth hole features an island ‘short cut’ to the green. Land safely on the island, and you can easily be on in two, provided you don’t start thinking too much about all that water between your ball and the green. Of course you can play it safe, and even if you make par, you don’t get the glory of going for it.

Our Microfiber Putter and Sandy pants are our version of ‘risk-reward’. In fact, we were well into the manufacturing process when Billy Horschel donned the infamous Ralph Lauren ‘Octopus’ pants at the 2013 US Open. Social media was abuzz before he teed off, thanks to a ‘selfie’ he posted early that morning. Reviews were mixed! We were undaunted, like standing on the tee of a great ‘risk-reward’ hole, we knew our microfiber ‘Putter pants’ and ‘Sandy pants’ were definite birdies; or better!

The first thing that we had going for us, is how we finished the fabric. The outside is soft, very soft. The inside is as if it has been polished; it is smooth, unobtrusive, almost like not wearing anything at all. So comfortable in fact, that we decided that we would take a big risk, and add them to our family category; we made them for moms, dads, grandparents and mentors! We decided to make the ladies' version in a ‘crop pant,’ reflective of today’s athletic women. We added the same euro styling and bright white snaps as our ‘Mulligan Madras’ pants. The men’s and kids style has elastic in the waist, so they stay put while you putt!

The men’s and boy’s pants are a true navy, with our signature turtle ‘Putter’ printed all over, kind of like the preppy pants with little embroidered sailboats or ducks on them. But, they are bigger, like Billy Horschel’s Octopus print bigger! They are cool, and very cute for kids. They are even cooler for men, because they are the perfect blend of fun, and debonair. They are for the guy who can pull off anything, but most importantly, the guy who can celebrate the child in his life by matching him, and yes, kids love to match daddy and grandpa!

The ladies Sandy crop pant, and girls Sandy golf pant are the same as the men’s, save that they are a light pink, with our signature turtle Sandy printed about them. The ladies crop pant does not have elastic built into the waist, but comes in a wider variety of sizes (women’s sizes 2-14). Combined, families can become one impressive looking team, on the course or at the buffet. We are proud of these on many levels. The fabric has no comparison, the style and cut is as comfortable as one could imagine, and they are fun, while staying classic and classy.

To view all sizes and styles of the Putter and Sandy print pants, click the links below:

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