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The Littlest Golfer & Caddy For A Cure

Caddy For A Cure

The Littlest Golfer, Inc. proudly supports Caddy For A Cure ( We are proud to align ourselves with a charity that is first and foremost hands on, but yet has a tremendous ability to change lives and tremendously impact the lives of all involved.

As a company in the golf industry, we have always been amazed and proud of how the community of golf gives back. We have focused our charitable giving on the many grassroots, charitable tournaments throughout the country that benefit children’s causes.

On a national scale, we have chosen to support Caddy For A Cure, not only because of the great work they do, but because we know firsthand how passionate the Founder and CEO Russ Holden and COO Colleen Holden are. We know that any effort we make in promoting Caddy For A Cure has a direct positive impact on the lives of families, and other charities. Caddy for a Cure epitomizes the ‘everybody wins’ philosophy, and that is why we hope to introduce them to others, and support them ourselves. 

“Caddy For A Cure, Inc. was founded as a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation with the goal of providing monies to worthy charities. The benefiting charities from the program are the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, the Wounded Warrior Project, the PGA TOUR player's charity of choice, the PGA TOUR host site charity of choice and the PGA TOUR Caddy benevolent fund.

As a result of this distribution of funds, we are able to support an array of organizations, including those focused on Education, Health and Human Services, Youth Development, Community Services and Growth of the Game.”

To show our support, we have developed a limited edition performance polo for both kids and adults. 100% of sale proceeds go directly to the Caddy For A Cure organization, to support their amazing work. To purchase a Caddy For A Cure polo, click one of the links below.