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Match Play Flashcard and Memory Game

"Match Play" Flashcard and Memory Game

Launched in the Fall of 2014, Match Play Flashcard and Memory Games, by Nicole Weller LPGA/PGA Junior Leader of the Year, are a first-ever two-in-one flashcard and memory game based on golf terms, stretches and images from the children's book Let's Play Golf. Youngsters ages 2-6 can develop pattern recognition, motor skills, reading skills and memory through this game. It's simple! Each deck contains two sets of ten images and words. After learning and recognizing the images and terms, the cards are placed face-down on a surface, mixed up and then youngsters take turns flipping one card over and then another in effort to make a match of the patterns!

Cards may be left face-up for younger students in an effort to make matches easier or left face down when a turn is over to improve upon memory. Competition at this age is not recommended but a team effort to help achieve the goal.

Any card with asterisks indicate an activity that can be done for 3-5 repetitions during the game to promote motion and healthy activity!

A portion of the proceeds from annual card game sales are donated to various youth golf and other youth organizations.

There are two decks of Match Play Flash Card Games, created as Game 1 and Game 2. They are of equal ability level and are just comprised of different pictures due to attentions spans. Games can be combined for one big game of 40 cards if desirable! These games can be played anywhere due to their child-safe, rounded-corner laminated covers... play at a table, on wet grass, on sand, while waiting at an appointment, during a Youth Golf Program and during family game time!

* Be sure to check out Nicole Weller's accompanying children's book 'Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf' here.