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Lessons Learned Early Are Learned Well

The Littlest Golfer Blog

Golf is a great light upon the child-rearing landscape. Exposure to the etiquette and traditions in the game are attractive to children. They are attractive to adults too, as they have survived hundreds of years. Golf teaches the life lessons children need to succeed as productive human beings and a self-esteem that people want to be around. Golf and life can be frustrating.

The Littlest Golfer approaches both golf and life the same; as interchangeable entities. We want kids to succeed, and we want life to have rewards. Golf teaches critical thinking, honesty, sportsmanship, attitude, manners, work ethic, and a “life on life’s terms attitude.” A child who can learn to navigate his or her way around a golf course, will be more prepared to navigate their way through life. Golf has and always will be a “you get what you get and don’t pitch a fit” type of affair. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and sometimes golf isn’t fair.

Lessons learned early are learned well, which is why we have built our entire company around the premise “Start Younger, Play Longer!®” Teaching children has its rewards, but watching them discover the path on their own, through focused trial and error is awe inspiring. The Littlest Golfer’s ‘TLG First Set’ training clubs were designed to function. The grip guides little hands into the proper position, so they can learn a proper golf grip. The head is ultra-light, enabling even the littlest golfer to practice a golf swing. It is far more rewarding as well to a parent or grandparent, to see a child playing golf with a golf club rather than a field hockey stick! There is no need for toddlers to have to grip the club half way down the shaft.

Toddlers must be attracted to the game. All the promotion in the world is not going to translate to desire, unless there is first an attraction. The Littlest Golfer has developed a line of premium quality golf wear you would find on a tour player; but our clothing is designed for kids. We do not make adult clothes in children’s sizes; we create clothing for children to be children, on and off the course. We do however design our clothes to be accessible, like hidden Velcro in our worlds littlest wind shirts shoulder seams. It makes the putting on and taking off a joy for both parent and child. Our signature turtles, Putter and Sandy, adorn all of our clothing, and serve not only as inspiration, but a reminder that it is important to have fun.

Yes, we do have toys, but a toy company we are not! Our toys are made to be played with, and inspire little minds and imaginations, but our toys are part of a bigger picture. Golf must stay fun, and what parent doesn’t want to play pretend golf when they can’t play real golf? The object is to allow children to create their own world inside the world of golf! As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Our answer to that is: through play!

We invite everyone to explore the world of golf along with The Littlest Golfer, because you will be amazed not only with what we as adults have forgotten, but how much fun it is to learn again. Our books were written for families, our toys were designed to create familiarity and knowledge, and our clothes are crafted to allow kids to feel like a pro. It is only wise to teach life lessons, in a way meant for a child.

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